My quick and funny encounters with movie stars


Celebrity… It is a strange concept. We’ve all been fascinated by someone famous at some point… What makes us blush and say “Oh my god, look who it is”?! I’ve been there, several times!

auteuilI walked past the very famous French actor Daniel Auteuil on the Champs Elysées when I was a teen and I just had to stop him! Which I did… I had just enough time to say “I want to be an actress, could I have a picture?”. This nice man was in a rush, he took my hand, apologized and said good luck!


elijah woodI sat for two whole days a few seats away from Elijah Wood on the set of the Oxford Murders in 2007 and all I said to him was “Could I get a picture?”, which I did!  I was so focused on getting a picture with him that I completely disregarded John Hurt for two days… only afterward did I realize who he was! For the record, shooting a film is not glamorous at all, I’d even say it’s a bit boring, Elijah Wood was playing crossword puzzles in between takes…


Keira-Knightley.-Pirate-au-coeur-meurtriI walked right past Keira Knightley on Tottenham Court Road in 2008, she was with boyfriend of the time Rupert Friend and she looked so beautiful as always, I couldn’t help but staring! She was pouting, obviously.



love-actually-andrew-lincolnAndrew Lincoln (Love Actually, The Walking Dead) walked in my shop during the summer of 2008! He looked around and walked out to go next door!! Argh


Gerard Butler Getting Into His Hybrid Mercedes-BenzWalking down Perry Street in NYC (Perry Street will sound familiar to the Sex & the City fans) in the summer of 2009, my friend and I arrived on the set of the Bounty Hunter. I walked past Gerard Butler without realizing and only saw his back. End of story.



s bakulaMy dear colleague Leah got me a ticket to see a play called Terrible Advice starring Scott Bakula at the Chocolate Factory in London a couple of years ago. You know who he is, right? You surely remember Quantum Leap (or Desperate Housewives maybe?!) He took his shirt off on stage and I can tell you he looked very hot for his age! He came out for a chat after the show and was very nice.


diane-kruger-and-chanel-ribbon-headband-galleryYou might know that Diane Kruger speaks fluent English and French… She was dubbing herself in Benjamin Gates when I was an intern at France’s largest dubbing company (Dubbing Brothers) and I met her in the ladies toilet… She looked at me and said hi. I said hi back. How exciting. (I didn’t take a picture, I believe it would have been weird.)



10393824_10152462226596438_206343846907763363_nI had the pleasure of meeting Kristin Davis after watching her perform in Fatal Attraction at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London last month. She said I was sweet and replied to my tweet, she made my day!




Ok, I have to admit, this isn’t the most elaborate post… I’ll do something deeper next time, promise! 😉



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