Imperfection is beauty

beauty-myth-322x235We usually all agree on what a beautiful woman is: a model, an actress, a princess. They are made beautiful for us and we believe that we will never get there, that we will never be as beautiful as they are. This is all a deception, an illusion. Beauty is not a perfect skin, a flawless face, a flat tummy, a hairless body. Nor is it make-up, beautiful clothes and expensive jewellery. This is all fake. Do you really think those models we see on the cover of magazines or those actresses at red carpet events are real? Even they don’t look like them in real life. Being confronted to perfection on a daily basis, from a young age, can have a dramatic effect on an impressionable young girl. She will want to look skinny, get bigger breasts, wear designer clothes… leading to depression, low self-esteem, anorexia, bulimia…

But who’s responsible? Everyone is trying to meet a need: model agencies, designers, magazines… Fortunately, some people are willing to change things: Stella McCartney only wants size 10 models, Vogue finally banned too skinny models from their pages, and brands like Dove expose what real beauty is. We spend so much time and energy on what isn’t right about ourselves that we forget the most important. For years, all I could see on my face was that my nose wasn’t right, overlooking the rest entirely… We are so harsh when it comes to how we look. For those of you who haven’t seen it, check out the Dove video below, it is quite powerful!


Your mind is a pharmacy

The truth is we don’t need expensive products and fancy clothes to feel and look pretty. All you need to do is feel good about yourself and you’ll look good. You’re much more beautiful when you smile than when you frown, don’t you think? Being positive will really have an impact on your health and on how you look. Don’t we say that a woman in love is glowing?! If you don’t believe me, check out the other Dove video below:


Impressed much? Now let me show you what real beauty is to me. Flaws are part of nature and should be celebrated.

Flattering, definitely!




Absolutely wonderful


Everything we see, everything we’re told, helps build a wall of misconceptions about ourselves and we need to break that wall, brick by brick. I think it’s important to educate our younger peers and help them realize that what they see in magazines and TV shows is not real. What happens when you strive for perfection and never get there? You’re miserable. My breasts won’t get bigger, my nose will never be small and cute, my hair has no volume whatsoever… That’s just the way I am, that’s how nature made me. Today, I accept that, and everyone should do the same. There is no one like me, just like there is no one like you, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.